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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Jobs Right Now

We all know that cryptocurrency is a growing industry. And we’re aware that blockchain tech has the potential to save the world. That makes for an exciting space to work in and a bunch of highly creative cryptocurrency jobs up for grabs. In fact, any cursory Google search will pull up pages and pages of listings of cryptocurrency jobs (some legitimate, others not so much). But if you want to do more than just invest or read about cryptocurrency from the sidelines, why not think about changing your career direction? Here are the top five cryptocurrency jobs available right now: 5. Cryptocurrency Data Scientist If you’re looking to make big bucks and be in demand

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Bitcoin-puzzle: 1 BTC for its solution

 A mysterious coded image appeared on Reddit at the end of May 2018. It was accompanied by a list of tips and a purse address containing 1 BTC for those who solve the puzzle. The image contains a combination of seeming random words, numbers, symbols and colors. This is all the hints that hide the alleged sid-phrase of 24 words. This work consists of the well-known words of Satoshi Nakamoto, written by the magazine N. Various ideas inspired Satoshi to create a solution for the revolution in modern socioeconomics and industry. The work reflects the elements that revitalized this technology and triggered a safety-based model. Hidden in sight, this is something more: a hunt for

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We started!

You can congratulate us. We went to this for a long time, but we did not give up. The concept that we want to see how it will work and what will be in demand has matured. We will improve our project, stay tuned! We want this project in the future to really help people in the cryptocurrency and trading industry. Thank you for your unity and fellowship.

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