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Bitcoin-puzzle: 1 BTC for its solution

 A mysterious coded image appeared on Reddit at the end of May 2018. It was accompanied by a list of tips and a purse address containing 1 BTC for those who solve the puzzle.

The image contains a combination of seeming random words, numbers, symbols and colors. This is all the hints that hide the alleged sid-phrase of 24 words.

This work consists of the well-known words of Satoshi Nakamoto, written by the magazine N. Various ideas inspired Satoshi to create a solution for the revolution in modern socioeconomics and industry. The work reflects the elements that revitalized this technology and triggered a safety-based model. Hidden in sight, this is something more: a hunt for treasure. 1 BTC is hidden in this work.

In fact, all the numbers and words on the image are taken directly from the white paper Bitcoin, written by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The treasure hunt continues. So far, the author with the puzzle has left nine clues to help us find a solution.

The keys are as mysterious as the puzzle itself:

1) You can throw at least half the words in the picture
2) Think in pairs
3) Code easily, attack early
4) Lost transaction costs almost users
5) 00212121
6) Try +1
7) Almost open
8) Bonus Tip: To win, you need to look inside. To infinity and beyond. When you are close to home, X marks this place. (from here) (Bonus clue: To triumph, one must look within, To infinity, and beyond.) When you are close to home, X marks the spot. (from here)
9) -1

By now, the community of Reddit has put forward many methods for solving the puzzle, but none of them turned out to be fruitful.

One user claimed that he was waiting for the crypto currency to reverse from the downtrend before sending his decision, in the hope that 1 BTC would be worth more in the future.

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/8kk0pa/1_btc_is_hidden_in_this_puzzle_good_luck/

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