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Support the project — get a dofollow link!

If you like the project you can support the project and get a dofollow link from page of ranking to your exchange.

Your project should be on the list of exchanges. To get the link, send 0.005 BTC to our BTC address


and specify in your email: the transaction hash, the name of the exchange, your contacts and the link will be active.


Donations for popularization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

You can support the Investicca project by sending us some bitcoin or another coins. All funds will be directed to the development of the project and the popularization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

For donations:

BTC: 13coi86EzRPJEYTGCwmCC3kyXT11etUcCh
ETH: 0x71116a60c7649a11AEF0880878415F257AD03034
LTC: LUxomhzgi91SM548QcecHa9AvFbqgeu7N4

For support please contact —